Samparkbharti aims to establish a collaborative network of all the volunteers and volunteer organisations that are involved in some or the other form of social work and nation building activities. Samparkbharti aims to enable co-ordination and co-operation of different volunteers across different states and countries to ensure synergy in nation building activity.

Samparkbharti aims at engaging socially conscious corporate, groups and individuals with NGOs of matching interests. The individuals in our network are those, who have demonstrated a sound and robust record in grassroots work and their daily life and are trustworthy in their personal and professional domain. Samparkbharti network  thereby aims at effectively channelizing the immense potential of these individuals by connecting them within the network itself.

The core team of Samparkbharti is composed of volunteers highly placed in IT and other corporate entities. Members of the core team have grass roots exposure with various NGOs, Corporates and professionals in various sectors and have worked dedicatedly for development initiatives. Samparkbharti is thus powered with a unique skill set of deep understanding of grass roots realities and a clear vision of the role each Individual in India can play to support community initiatives and nationalistic activities.

Samparkbharti is largely a volunteer-run organization with adequate professional staff backup.

Samparkbharti Foundation aims at engaging, co-ordinationg and connecting socially conscious individuals, groups and organizations for a win – win situation.