Dr. Sumant Mishra

Dr. Sumant Mishra is a Pediatric Dentist associated with Ministry of Health, Kuwait since 2009 and since then is being awarded (11 years continuous) Merit of Excellence, from Ministry of Health. He completed his Masters in Clinical Paediatric Dentistry from Queen Mary University of London, UK. He also has Postgraduate Certificate Courses (with Honors) from University of Helsinki, Finland and Fellowship in Laser Dentistry (University of Genoa, Italy). Dr Mishra completed his BDS (Gold-Medallist) from University of Delhi, India.

Dr Sumant Mishra is an active social-worker, a philanthropist and prefers to spend his weekend/free-time pursuing various free voluntary Oral Health Activities. Dr Mishra is an avid writer on health issues in various print medias as well as a guest speaker on local and international TV Channels. His recent project is to convert his adopted village in India into a Digital Library cum Tele-Medicine Center to educate and provide easy and free healthcare access to rural population.


SHIVARAJKIRAN PASUNURI is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with a passion for IT, Financial, Banking, Social Healthcare. He is working as Sr. Financial Advisor besides being a Director for Indian Expats ltd. Currently, he is also on board as advisor for The Mentor Ring UK, registered charity organisation. He has been Board Vice chair for BRIC Europe Forum & also been a Founder/Board member for many Indian diaspora Organisations. He has been active in political landscape & a strong advocate for people of Indian origin to run for elected offices & to take active role in British politics to protect the interests of British Indian community in UK.

He has been involved in community work at various levels for last 20 years in UK. He is very active on social media & runs UK Indians Facebook page where he contributes with articles analysing local community issues and Geopolitics of India. His lifelong mission has been to transform and establish a healthy cohesive community through social integration of multicultural societies and ethnic minority groups.

Shri. Puneet Dwivedi

Puneet Dwivedi is an IT consultant working in Data Analytics for reputed bank in Edinburgh, Scotland. Apart from professional life, he is involved in many community work and social activities. He is a diversity campaigner, a specialist in community engagement, development and outreach. He served the board of Hindu Forum Britain, Edinburgh Hindu Temple & has been a member of many other organizations’ and has hosted more than 50 events in Scotland & virtually online in last 5 years to raise awareness, promote peace and inclusion, which involved eminent MPs MSP, faith leaders and members of Police and Armed Forces.

Puneet raised a petition and got Hate Crime place of worship petition into legislation by Scottish Parliament, which benefitted multiple places of worship be it be Temple, Churches or Gurudwaras. He gave inputs to civil servants on various government consultation while participating in Scottish governments Advisory Group called Connected Communities. Puneet is committed to tackling all forms of discrimination and promoting multi faith and multi cultural society based on mutual trust and understanding.

Smt. Monica Singh

Born to a Marine Commando, patriotism runs in Monica’s DNA. When it comes to social causes, she never settled for less. She started serving Spastics Society of India in Mumbai at the age of 18 and continued her journey ever since. Monica had the pleasure to network with many politicians, industry leaders and film stars during her career, giving her the exposure of the noticeable financial imbalance that exists in society. With a belief that “We rise by lifting others”, Monica runs a social and financial wellbeing initiative by guiding families at no cost to effectively manage their hard earned income and reinvest in suitable investments for a promising future for their families and kids education.

Shri Vimal Chadha

Shri Vimal Chadha ji has been one of the most prominent faces of Sanatani community in African region. Coming from the Optometry background, he has conducted several medical camps in different parts of kenya. He has been a very key enthusiast in athletics and has won several laurels including the prestigious President Scout medal . Along with being the President of OFBJP Kenya, he has held several positions of eminence in different organizations like Vice President Hindu council of Kenya, Secretary lions club of Nyeri, former Cllr in Embu Municipal Council 2008-13, Director in EWASCO, Chairman International Federation of Yoga professional Nairobi and Mount Kenya region & many more.

He has been involved in community work at various levels for past many decades. He has spearheaded and conducted number of workshops on corporate governance & conflict management to encourage young minds to resolve contentious issues constructively and inculcate spirit of service towards the nation.

Shri Naidu Appanan

Mr. Naidu Appanan has been actively engaged in community work from varsity days working with various organizations in the academic filed. Presently he is the Secretary of Global Hindu Heritage Organization (GHHO), a Malaysian Hindu non-profit organization engaged in advocacy and welfare work and religious and educational activities. He is also an Advisor to the Association of Science, Technology and Innovation (ASTI), a Malaysian Indian non-profit organization working to improve the standards of Malaysian students of Indian ethnicity and Malaysian Tamil vernacular schools in general. Besides this, he is an Intellectual Property consultant with a background in Chemistry.

Smt. Gaurvi Tewari Shukla

Sushri Gaurvi was born in Mumbai in a family of social reformers. Trained in Indian classical music, she did Masters in IT in India, while Masters in Teaching, Cert III in Early Childhood Education from Australia. She has worked in fields of education as well as major banking & financial institutions as Vice Principal, Project Administrator, Value Specialist and Subject Matter Expert.

Gaurvi was ingrained to engage in community services since adolescence, as she was trained to walk on footsteps of her forefathers who served nation in varied dispositions as company board members-PSU, satyagrah movement, entrepreneurship, scientist, artists, public servants as provincial warrior diplomats, ordained knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II and His Highness Man Singh II as Chief of Noble. Gaurvi is a sanatani social activist who has worked for animal welfare, women & children rights, research in psychology and Aus-Indo legal system since then. She raises awareness for social justice, mental health, gender neutrality, communal harmony, legal reforms via awareness campaigns.

Shri. Abhishek Ashish

Abhishek Ashish is an IT Consultant in SAP, working for a multinational company in London. He has lead from front and conducted many workshops and sessions   to encourage young students in professional sphere by sharing his SAP expertise & also inculcate a spirit brotherhood within the society. Besides this, he is an ardent social activist & has actively partnered with High Commission of India for various social programs held in London. He has also been associated intrinsically with a International spiritual organization for the past 26 years where he is an active volunteer of the organization for the European and Asia Pacific regions.

He is committed to bring a positive change in society & thereby devotes equal amount of time between family & societal obligations. Community service has been ingrained him since his Youth days and he feels this gives him an opportunity to increase bonhomie & spirit of inclusiveness among the common masses in society.

Shri. Rajesh Krishnamurthy

Shri Rajesh Krishnamurthy primarily from Mumbai is an established writer and columnist with published articles to his credit in several countries in leading publications such as the Indian Express, Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Tongan Chronicle, Indian News and The Indian Weekender to name a few. Having done his education in Management and Finance from Cambridge and Mumbai he has held senior Management positions in the corporate world over 25 years with multinational companies like Philips, Panasonic & Sharp across East, South East Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

He also holds a Level 5 Certificate in Financial Services from New Zealand and is a Trained Trainer certified by TPAF of Fiji & now runs his own boutique Financial Advisory firm in Auckland. He has also been a radio personality anchoring several programmes in India, Fiji and New Zealand and has also hosted and appeared on Television shows. Besides this he is also a linguist who speaks 7 languages & also contributes to society through his active involvement and support for social and charity organizations in of New Zealand.