Mr Jayant Pau

Mr Jayant Pau comes from an Indian Gujarati family when his forefathers moved to Africa for pastures new. He was born in Kenya where he completed his education in the 80s. He migrated to UK soon after when Africa was going through a political unrest. He joined the UK Civil services in 1989 in the then UK Public Health Laboratory Service and eventually transferred to the Public Health England and now UK Health Security Agency making his way up to the position Deputy Manager for procurement, stores and warehousing in one of largest base of the Agency.
He is lives in London with his family and grand kids. He is socially active in community activities for Hindu and the wider Gujarati samaj in UK. A diligent personality with an entrepreneurial spirit  He mentors many new aspirants in career as well as in business enterprises as has recently spared his invaluable experience and advice towards Sampark Bharati project.

Dr. Mrs.Vinay Sharma

Dr. Mrs.Vinay Sharma was born in Amritsar, brought up in Shimla & Gurugram, arrived in UK (1976), during postgraduate training (DCH, FRCOG & PhD Univ London), she was the founding member of pioneering IVF team (Kings College, London) and on invitation of Health Ministry, Singapore, established 2 IVF centres (Thomson Medical Centre; Singapore General Hospital). As a Consultant, she established ReproMed-Surgery-IVF service at St James’s Hospital, Leeds (now Leeds Fertility) and remained an active researcher until retirement from NHS (2017). During her career, she received Honorary PhD (Leeds Metropolitan University; LMU), Yorkshire Woman of the Year Award, served as President (North of England Society O&G; Yorkshire Indian Society), Independent Member of Board of Governors (LMU; 10years), and in several regional-national bodies. She takes a keen interest in Vedic Heritage, ancient civilisations, travel, music, politics, walking and yoga.

Lotus is her inspiration-aspiration; its 8 petals/8-paths of spiritually teach service without expectation of reward or attachment and soul like an unopened bud must unfold to the divine.

Shri Aditya Bakshi

Aditya Bakshi, CEO of Aditya Horizons Productions, has been on the forefront in supporting innovations & novel ideas for the betterment of society at large. Aditya Horizons has already launched socially relevant Technology ventures such as Robots in underprivileged education (Aerobotics) , Green technology innovations and Virtual reality edutainment. He has also produced videos and documentary films including a doc series broadcasted on Epic TV, Republic, Times Now, AajTak, India Today etc.

He believes that innovation is critical to the future well-being of society and to driving economic growth. He thereby supports all ideas that are involved in the design, development and deployment of new technologies and innovations, and are poised to have a significant impact on business and society. Amid major global disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, he & his Team has been working passionately to develop cheaper & affordable oxygen concentrators for the lower strata of society. it is a critical moment for his ideas and innovations which can help protect the lives and livelihoods of communities and industries around the world.


Shri Sandeep Dubey

Shri Sandeep Dubey is an IT Consultant with 25 years of experience. He has successfully carried out many IT transformations across all major industry verticals. He lives in London UK and continues to mentor many individuals with selfless service. He believes that the real purpose of human life is to serve Krishna. His wife supports him In his endeavor and is dedicated to this cause. An eloquent orator, he regularly addresses trade associations and chambers of commerce, delivering talks on issues relating to integrity, anti-corruption, transparency and governance, etc. Currently, he is working with Multinational companies.

He enjoys exploring new avenues and creating linkages – often taking the his expertise to areas not traditionally associated with corporate IT firms and also works closely on women & child rights and child protection issues wherever they might arise.

Shri Bharat Vala Patel

Bharat Vala Patel is an IT Solutions Architect from USA.But his heart lies in encouraging & promoting Sports in India along with developing state of the art infrastructure to nurture grass root talent. We are thereby glad to have him as Sports Advisor as a part of our Advisory Board.

Not to mention, he is an avid sportsman himself, having run 81 marathons, including 16 ultra marathons, 3 of them 90 kilometres in length. The other sports that he is actively involved in is soccer, squash, long distance biking and snow skiing. Though away from the motherland, he is extremely proud of Indian culture & ethos & is working on various initiatives to pass it on to younger generation.