[01/05/2023] Sampark Team :

Namaste Everyone

Glad to inform everyone that Sampak Team from US, UK & rest of Europe led by Col.Tej Kumar Tikoo Sir will be in UK  for Sanatani Professionals Conclave in UK which will rollout the Sanatani Assistance Ecosystem in both UK & India in a much more organized way to assist the common Sanatanis in times of need & other Sanatan causes. Without taking any names, all the above is being done in synergy with all the existing organizations so that their is no overlapping & we play a role of catalyst to support & supplement the various wonderful works/initiatives already being implemented by different Sanatani Organizations since decades.

Sampark Bharti is a Sanatani Diaspora organization of Sanatani professionals from more than 50+ countries who collaborate with each other for creating synergy in professional spheres along with aid for the Sanatan cause. Our members from diverse professionals backgrounds & different regions are willing to support our Sanatani children & youth from India in Jobs & Career guidance in different countries where they are based in.

[02/05/2023] Sampark Team :

Sampark Intitiative has always been community led. Its all the common working class population who have been leading the initiative across the globe. They have been doing it after their jobs, taking out time from family responsibilities etc. If our footprint is in more than 50+ countries, its only because of the common masses taking it upon themselves to participate in the cause.

We believe that if a support system exist for common masses in terms of jobs & income security, clientele for businessmen & service providers, career guidance for their children, support in times of need, not only in UK but for extended family in India, every one of us, would will be more inclined to dedicate more time for Sanatan & dharma cause.

[09/05/2023] Sampark Team :

Jai Shri Krishna.  What is Sampark Bharti about? To put it simply, "my son/daughter needs 6 weeks of electives or two weeks of work experience in India or elsewhere." Sampark Bharti helpline/network will put you in touch with reliable source for that.
For example, "I need legal assistance for an issue in the UK or India or elsewhere." Sampark Bharti will get you in touch with a suitable lawyer. "I need to buy legitimate medications, but availability/cost is a problem in the UK." Well, Sampark Bharti will connect you to suitable person/agency who can officially deliver those medications or supplements at your doorstep in the UK!! Similarly in the fields of sports, investment, finance etc etc!!!
Additionally, if you feel you wish to contribute as a support person in any walk of life to any extent (no involvement is too small you see, every little helps!!), Sampark Bharti allows you to do that in your time, as per your convenience! Do you want to be a change-maker, a donor, Sanatani socio-political sensible and constructive activist? Yes, we can connect you to mentors for any of that too!! And because Sampark Bharti is a platform, there is absolutely no dilution of any linked organisation /groups!!
Hope everybody gets some idea about the interactive lifelong multinational and local platform Sampark Bharti provides!!!
Jai Ho!!

[10/05/2023] Sampark Team :

Thank you for conveying the purpose so eloquently. What you have mentioned in your above message is a dream that every Sanatani is carrying in his heart. But to be honest with all, this cannot be achieved till everyone does their bit in developing this assistance network.

[10/05/2023] Sampark Team :

The core Team invested over 2 months of their time in UK during Nov- Dec last year and have been working in the background. Other Sampark members have also been investing their time and energy for connecting people and organizations for the cause. The examples of assistance that has mentioned above can become reality only if everyone present here connects the Sanatani service providers in your knowledge to the group like - Accountants, Financial advisors, Solicitors, Mortgage and insurance agents, restaurant owners etc

All the support, the Conclave is receiving from every quarter, we owe it our common Sanatani members here, who have been actively involved in connecting the dots. For those, who have been a silent spectator for a while, it's a humble suggestion that whatever small or big, but each one of us needs to contribute/play their part as Sri Ram's squirrel in building up this Ram Setu for assisting each other.

[10/05/2023]  Group Member :

Who ever thought , a person, a group of this idea is a great idea .
It’s not only beneficial to one person, but also one could get in touch with a member of Sampark , and get ideas relating to the any subject where one is an expert

[10/05/2023]  Group Member :

Wonderful initiative. Bahut Badhai. How do we raise any requests for help ?

[10/05/2023] Sampark Team :

Launching 24x 7 Helpline for the same on 2nd of July.

[15/05/2023]  Group Member :

In simpler terms, one Hindu for another. We are one.

[01/06/2023]  Group Member :

Happy to chat and help

[01/06/2023] Sampark Team :

Yes very true indeed! All Sanatanis for one, and one Sanatani for all; anywhere, anytime, for (almost) anything.

[01/06/2023] Sampark Team :

We have tried to involve everyone with the Helpline. Chinmaya Mission, HFB, NCHT and all other big and small organizations and Temples.

[01/06/2023] Sampark Team :

We are trying to communicate and invite every Sanatani organization to the Conclave so that everyone can join hands. Kind request to every person here to suggest the names of Sanatani organization and point of contact person who they feel should be invited to the Conclave in personal message. Thanks

[05/06/2023] Sampark Team :

Many Big celebrities are coming from India. Many MPs and Counsellors from UK will be gracing the four locations where the Conclave is being conducted.

But this Conclave to be actually relevant and helpful to common Sanatanis in daily life, we need to connect Sanatani Service providers in our knowledge to the group.

We can start the Helpline, but it will be effective only if every member here chips in with their knowledge, experience and contacts. Humble request to everyone for the same.

[05/06/2023]  Group Member :


[05/06/2023] Sampark Team :

The Assistance system that is coming up is entirely for all our Sanatani members here & elsewhere but with a small guarantee in return about what he/ she will do in return for Dharma & the cause.

Sampark Team is not asking anything for ourselves . But to make it sustainable, everyone needs to take a small step in the direction may be in the way of seva karya

Examples of small seva karya would be

1. Attending local Temple seva karya
2. Sharing of important messages in different groups
3. One day meal or accommodation for genuine and vetted students.
4. Attending a protest meet, if its feasible
5. 1 hour per week to students in India on zoom.
6. Transacting with our own people in the vicinity etc
7. Guiding anyone in your field of expertise.
8. Sharing of any local info.

There’s is no compulsion on what you promise or commit. But whatever small promise you make, we expect you should be able to deliver it when time comes.

We believe, we Sanatanis, have all the resources for an ecosystem to flourish to support us in jobs, career guidance & other Sanatani causes. We just need to organize and put in place a system for a win win solution. It’s a full fledge job & hence for this very purpose, entire Sampark Team has put their jobs & other professional engagements on hold and working on ground zero full time.

All the people whome we have met, have been supportive of the cause, without which we would not have reached till here. Dhanywaad everyone here for your patience & continued blessings till date & we hope to work harder for the cause going ahead.

[07/06/2023] Sampark Team :

2nd July - London
9th July - Manchester
16th July - Birmingham
23 July - Glasgow

[07/06/2023]  Group Member :

Can I sponser ??

[07/06/2023] Sampark Team :

Thanks for the gesture ji. Team will get in touch with you. Just for the everyone's knowledge.

1. Till date Sampark has not taken any charity. Founding member have been funding the entire mechanism.

2. Team members take care of their own expenses of travel etc when they are working for Sampark. Eg : The entire Global Team coming to UK for delivering the Conclave will be again taking a break of one month from their professional commitments and working full time here. As they did for two months in last Nov- Dec.

3. The budget for the Conclave at all 4 locations is way too high for any group of individuals. But still we have kept the event free for everyone as we wanted every Sanatani to come and become part of the Ecosystem.

If anyone wishes to help, they can by following ways
1. Connecting to any Bank or Business who may wish to have stalls or branding.
2. Becoming part of the Core Team to strategize and achieve the desired outcome. Fence sitting is not an option anymore.

[09/06/2023] Sampark Team :

This network will always remain exclusively dedicated for Sanatani causes and especially those issues faced by common Sanatanis in their day to day life.

[09/06/2023]  Group Member :

How do I join the group?

[09/06/2023] Sampark Team :

Once you mention here in group, as you just did, or in personal message to anyone of the Admins, that you wish to be part of Core group, the Team will now get in touch and involve in regular Team meetings that are happening in background. Thanks

[09/06/2023] Sampark Team :

Indeed , that's precisely the reason for the conclave and as I understand rolling out the various initiatives exclusively for the sanatani community.

[10/06/2023]  Group Member :

A selfless Team like yours can only deliver such a long sought objective. May God bless you with strenth to persist. I wish to work with Core Team and support financially, logistically anyway possible

[11/06/2023] Sampark Team :

Thanks for sharing the concern. Sampark HR and myself do share the welcome and skillset info message to every new member to verify their credentials.

But still, if anyone finds presence of any mischievous elements in the group, kindly let us know and we will do the needful.