Following are the different Projects that our Group Members are doing as per the data gathered. Sampark Bharti Team will assist the members in creating a working prototype so that it can be replicated elsewhere by the other member who wish to do similar model in their native village or hometown. All the below are yet in experimentation stage and will take around 6 more months for a pilot run and we will keep you updated.

Sampark Bharti continues to be a centralized platform playing an enabling & facilitator role and will always remain the same. We will help co-ordinate innovative & hardworking individual efforts of our members to bring in synergy for larger Sanatani cause.


The strategic project aims at providing guidance & training to Sanatani youth for prestigious IAS/IPS /UPSC exams by the already selected candidates. It will bedone through zoom platform for our Sanatani youths and will be free of cost. Pilot project will involve training of 25 Sanatani youth selected through All India Entrance Exam.



The Project has immense potential, wherein it aims to create state of the art Sports facilities in existing RSS and other nationalist schools and thereby train our children & youth to aim for Olympics sports & martial arts right from childhood. The trainers will all be with highest certification in their fields with support of our Mentors from Sports background.


This project involves developing sustainable systems for Braj Dham. Right from Forest conservation, Agroforestry, Gau Seva to a Waste Management Programme that will try to cover all the needs of a green pollution free Braj.


This is a multi-dimensional project involving spacious cowshed and other facilities like Veterinary Hospital, maternity house for cows, house for fodder production and maintenance along with residential accommodation for those who serve cows.


It’s a very unique project wherein our Sanatani brothers& sisters across the globe are willing to provide accommodation to their fellow Sanatanis when they are on travel or other purpose in a typical Indian Athiti Devo Bhava gesture. It will be free of charge for people offering Seva through the network.


Zhatka certification :

The project aims at preserving ancient Indian Tradition which is at verge of extinction. It’s a matter of Bhartiya Pride and has various economic benefits attached to downtrodden and poor communities like KHATICS and others.


International Spirituality Olympiad :

This is one of its kind wherein Sanatani kids from all over the world will study the real History & tradition of India from across the globe and apply for the competition. Likethe other Olympiads, it will be conducted in a utterly professional manner with a monetary incentive and other scholarship associated with it. The project gives an opportunity to imbibe real History in impressionable minds.


The project aims to develop and design community based integrated sustainable development program. It involves adopting a village in your native an creating a environment for improved health, nutrition, sanitation and focus on environmentally sustainable Sanatani lifestyle. It includes intervention through Bal Sanskar Varg, Sports Arena, Best career Guidance through connect with Global Diaspora community, Scholarship Exam etc

Sanatani Tourism Circuit :

Sanatan Dharma is wide spread an many other regions beyond India. This project involves promoting the important native location across the globe which follow Sanatani lifestyle. Along with creating diverse employment opportunities it will also rejuvenate the interest of Global Audience in Sanatan ideology.

OTT platform for Nationalist webseries & content:

The project involves starting an OTT platform for promotion of Nationalist & Sanatan Dharma specific webseries and other content. The best people from the industry are involved in the project and it will help connecting the youth as well.

Kashmiri Pandits welfare & security

The Project aims at empowering Kashmiri Pandits and finding some workable solutions to put a stop to their endless plight. It is being carried out by one of our Kashmiri Pandit brother itself and has the potential wherein all the Indians can stay peacefully in the valley.


Gurukul Project aims to impart ancient scientific knowledge to our children & youth which will not only make them professionally competent but but mentally strong and proud of their ancient Sanatani roots.