Regional local groups are meant for assistance & co-ordination in the Sanatani community in more meaningful ways such as in case of any health emergency or otherwise.

Purpose of the group

1. Connect the Sanatanis in the locality to a common network.
2. Sharing & discussion of local news & issues which impact our daily lives.
3. Share the achievements of our fellow Sanatanis, preferably from local area but also elsewhere.
4. Providing brotherhood/sisterhood services to each other along with any other community work.
5. Encouraging community activities which provide a Sanatani environment for our children while growing up.



1. The group will be open to posts & discussion from 1 pm to 7 pm daily. Rest of the time it will be closed to maintain discipline. General forwarded messages will not be appreciated.
2. The DP of each chapter is always the local Temple in the region. If anyone wishes to share any other temple pic, it will also be uploaded.
3. In lines with devolved Leadership principal, we suggest that each member takes up Admin responsibilities of the group in regular cycles.
4. The group is only for constructive dialogues and work. Thereby no criticism or cynicism towards any other Sanatani individual or organization will be accepted. We prefer to look at the positives of everyone in the Sanatani Family and willing to work together so far.