Samparkbharti’s  core values define our culture, beliefs, principles and practices in the conduct of our operations and dealing with our citizens. Our vision, mission and goals are aligned with our value system. These values are influenced by the individual values and beliefs carried by the founders, members and volunteers of the organization.

Proactive – We are here because of the challenges that persist in society. Instead of waiting for good to miraculously happen, we are and will continue to proactively take initiatives.

Nurture – We believe our role is to nurture the skills, talents & values in our stakeholders – children and volunteers; to develop the leadership potential in them and to help build a better future for our nation.

Empathy – We take an empathetic view in addressing the needs of our society. We encourage our volunteers and children to develop empathy and other essential qualities of humanity such as respect for all.

Inspire – Our passion and commitment to the cause we work for and associate with, not only drives us but inspires society at large to create the change we envision.

Volunteerism – We promote volunteerism as a way of life among the people of this nation and help in channelizing their energy and potential towards the cause.

Team Work – We believe that team work will help us achieve the best possible outcomes and overcome challenges effectively. This includes developing mutual trust, working in harmony, providing constructive feedback towards individual and team development.

Continuous Improvement – By constant learning, creativity, innovation and feedback, we believe a culture of continuous improvement will help in creating a bigger impact.

Ethical – We stand on the foundations of an ethical environment guided by equality, integrity, trust and transparency.

Eco-conscious – Our conscious efforts in creating awareness on environmental protection and preservation through community action.